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SKy & David

Auckland's final three events, will be lead by two incredible dancers, Sky and David will turn these already fantastic nights, into a spectacular memory for all those in attendance.

Trained in many styles of dance, the couple have choreographed three performances to guide us through the night.

Sight the fire thrower at the entrance and be drawn into the evening’s venue by singing bowls and symbols in an Eastern Welcoming Ceremony, to honour our ancient roots and the sacred art of dance.

Between the starter and main, prepare to be mesmerised by The Dream of an Arabian Goddess, a combination of belly dancing and pole dancing.

Finally, as dessert is served, the tantalising art of burlesque will descend upon us. The longest of all the dances, and again involving the pole and decadent attire. The Art of Indulgence will signify our melting pot of desires for self expression and exploration.