Event Reviews

Here you’ll find the testimonials from past guests, plus an Auckland review published on Stuff by Josephine Franks and a London review by Jessica O’Reilly’s on her blog, ‘Comfort Is For Wimps’.


I took my Tinder date to dinner with eight naked strangers (stuff.co.nz)

It would be safe to say when I volunteered to go along to a naked dinner party, I hadn't given the nudity part much thought. My ears pricked up at the mention of a free meal, and suddenly I was committed.

Reluctant to strip off in front of strangers alone, I scrolled through my phone contacts for a plus one, settling on the last person I saw naked: a man I'd been on three Tinder dates with.

He wasn't keen per se - in fact, he said he was terrified - but agreed to go on the grounds he wanted me to think he was "cool and uninhibited"……


Naked dinner is London’s newest food experience

Naked meet-and-eats with strangers is a relatively new concept and I was unsure of the point of it. Can eating spaghetti naked affect the taste of it? Does drinking starkers get you intoxicated quicker? The event details specified it was a strictly non-sexual affair, but contrastingly it was also described as fun and saucy. Worcestershire saucy then? ……


Elianne, Auckland

I really enjoyed this concept of having dinner with complete strangers while being naked. The food was absolutely delicious and we were a really nice mix of people from all over the world. After the first couple of minutes of being naked around everyone else it became completely normal. This kind of atmosphere helped people open up. Being naked took many of the barriers away. The conversations I had with some of the other guests were really interesting and funny. I will definitely recommend this event to anyone who wants to get outside their comfort zone and have a bit of fun!

23_TND_16 Nov 18.jpeg

Connie & David, London

David: What a cracking night. Food was great and the hosts (Lisa and Doug) were impeccable with their efforts to get everyone to feel at home. The conversation (and wine) flowed till late and it was fascinating to meet such a diverse group of people. I'm only sad that they are relocating to Aukland but see you at The Naked Dinner when they are back!!!


Eve & Iaros, London

Eve: It was my first ever experience of this kind and I really enjoyed it! The idea with an apron is amazing because I felt a bit nervous to get naked straight away but the ambiance of the evening was very welcoming and all the people were so nice that it gave me more confidence to get liberated. Food was also exceptional and perfectly served! So, if you are thinking of doing something completely different while keeping a good balance between discovering your own nudity and socialising with other people, I highly recommend this event!

27_TND_16 Nov 18.jpeg

Sophie, London

If you enjoy new and unusual experiences then this is an absolute must-do. We didn’t know what to expect, but neither did anyone else. There was no need for any apprehension. The hosts were absolutely fab, made everyone feel at ease throughout and served the most delicious food. A fun-filled night with plenty of food, drinks, laughter and interesting conversations. Cannot wait to go again! Thanks so much Lisa and Doug.


Klaus, London

I didn't know what to expect from a naked dinner with strangers, but it was a surprisingly interesting experience! Organised by a wonderful couple, I met a bunch of easygoing and sophisticated people. The food offered was excellent and the conversation flowed as if we were all good old friends.

At no time did I feel uncomfortable or out of context, despite it being my first social experience naked! No odd moments, only good manners and interesting topics discussed! I will definitely have a second try.

5_TND_16 Nov 18.jpeg

Mark, London

An unusual, liberating and actually rather charming way of spending an evening. Lisa and Doug are excellent hosts and effortlessly make something that would usually (at least in the UK) be considered a little risque (having dinner naked with nine other folk who start the evening as total strangers) seem - at least by the time the main course was served and everyone had had a drink or two - the most natural thing in the world. Arriving for the warm-up cocktail drinks, which happens fully-clothed, felt as relaxed as turning up for a corporate networking evening. The food was delicious and there was a decent balance between singletons and couples (four of the former and six of the latter), equal numbers of men and women and ages (twenties, thirties, forties). Inevitably the conversation tended to gravitate around people's experiences and feelings about public nudity. But it was equally charming to discuss other more usual dinner party topics (such as recent film releases) while in the buff.

30_TND_16 Nov 18.jpeg

Siera & Will, London

Fascinating concept! The venue (Lisa & Doug's home) was set up perfectly. They had low tables so we could sit comfortably on cushions. Great lighting. Everyone seemed very comfortable and we discussed a variety of topics surrounding nudity. Great experience to get out of your comfort zone and meet some cool and quirky people.

20_TND_16 Nov 18.jpeg

Matt, London

A brilliant evening. Not something we’ve done before or considered particularly but a fantastic evening. The hosts are simply wonderful and the food delicious. I went with my girlfriend but single attendees were welcome too. All in all a very new experience for us but a great one. Thanks Lisa and Doug!!