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We’ve just finished our series of events in Auckland, New Zealand
In December/January events will begin in London, UK

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The Naked Dinner has now wrapped up our latest series of events in Auckland. The next series will begin in London around December/January 2020. For all the very latest event news and photography, follow us on Instagram :)


The Naked DInner is a social experiment at the edge of your comfort zone. It is a BYO, three course dinner in an apron, which you decide whether to keep on or take off. As the organiser, I’m not a nudist, but revel in creating wild experieces people cannot find anywhere else. For guests, the aim is to leave thinking…

Wow, what else can I do that I didn’t think i could”?


Arrive with a bottle (or two), grab a glass and say hello to the other daredevils. After a little speech by me (cringe), I’ll send you off to get changed into aprons I provide. The low dinner table will be set with place names so you know where your bottom goes (note we sit on floor cushions). Throughout dinner it is up to guests how much and when they remove their apron.

After dinner, guests are welcome to enjoy a few more drinks - the night is BYO bubbles, wine, beer or cider. We wrap up (literally) around 11:30pm.

Age groups…

Age is a defining factor for atmosphere and comfort. So I ask guests to please book within their age group.

Arrive nervous and curious; leave energised and liberated.

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Smoked salmon & cream cheese
Avocado & feta

Baked salmon (veg. on request)
Bulgar wheat & sundried tomatoes
Beetroot, spinach and feta
Carrot and sunflower seed salad

Ginger & walnut slice

Please email all dietary requirements, including if you are vegetarian, etc. to


No sexual activity

No photography